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From inception in 2017, QUE HERBA was an idea to simply and subtly provide for the bold, the gallant, and the conscious. The name means ‘What Herb?’ embodying the ideology in which the business was founded on: to produce and market products that are 100% organically inspired.
After two years of research and development, we launched the first QUE HERBA range, of organic essential oil inspired, perfumes and oils. Black owned and developed and created for us.
Through marketing and customer feedback, we were encouraged to continue developing this line on beauty products, culminating with the line QUE HERBA EVOKE, released in 2020.
After four years in operation, we reflected on our progress. On contemplation, the development, knowledge and experience we were sure the business would expand beyond perfumes. Herbs are intrinsic to our being and with a plethora of benefits for many aspects in life, QUE HERBA became a vessel.
A vessel of change, transformation and empowerment.
We want to push the boundaries of reality!
Providing information for our consumers alongside the products they are using, encouraging growth in self awareness and self worth, through our herbal creations.
QUE HERBA? Is for the lovers of the natural order in life, and inspire to embody it in self expression, and our products help you do just that!
Welcome to QUE HERBA PHARMACY, we will be the herbal alternative to all your pharmaceutical  needs.

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