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Sitting on a round table, catching up with some friends, over some brewed cups of teas. The vibe was beautiful.

During a lapsing silence, an idea was born.


Que Herba?

Mabinty, Leeroy and Sandy thought of a perfume that masks the odour that lingers after smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

Not only that,

but smell good for longer, and help you feel great as an individual.

Considering how to contribute to the environment, the idea was to be organic as possible too.


The more the idea was dreamt on... 

The more it seemed a possible reality.  

Two years on, as the idea developed, so did the potential of the product. 

With the idea of creating a perfume that was powerful enough

to mask an odour, 

What we ended up creating were products,

so versatile, sweet-smelling and dependable

for all aromatic needs of our clients.

Que Herba? meaning "What Herb"

Created from essential oils, deriving the name from the mission the idea has grown into. 

To provide naturally inspired products, created from oils found in many herbs that also offer a wide range of health benefits.


Aiming to inform our audience on the enriching benefits of the 100% organic products used in the making of our products. 

Chosen to not only help you smell good, but also feel great!

We created Que Herba? for all who love oils, appreciate organic

and are dignified in style. 

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