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Natural Products Created By the Youth 


Que Herba Academy 

Introducing the Que Herba Academy, a groundbreaking online institution that empowers talented and ambitious youth in Manchester to unleash their creativity. Our program offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial development, allowing students to explore and craft natural fragrance oils, deodorants, and soaps with their innovative ideas. Through partnerships with youth programs, we foster a sense of community, providing a platform for personal growth, expertise in product development, and collaborative support. Together, we make a positive impact, giving back to our local community and creating a brighter future for all. 


With the Que Herba Academy, you will create and sell a cruelty-free, herbal and organic product from conception. 


We have 3 options for products:


  1. Scented Body Oil

  2. Deodorant 

  3. Soap

Que Herba Academy Ingredient Illustration

What will you learn?

Que Herba Academy I is an entrepreneurial programme for youth between the ages of 16-21.

Stages to our programme


  1. Research and Product Development 

  2. Customer Profile 

  3. Market Research

  4. Branding

  5. Packaging Design

  6. Production

  7. Pricing 

  8. Marketing strategy

  9. Marketing Plan 

  10. Sales Strategy

Que Herba Academy Manufacturing Illustration

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