Research & Development Report: Hair Products

“In the space for more, we identified more hair!”

Such a subtle yet powerful part of being human. We are enamoured by the various expressions we are capable of uniquely styling in the aim to define self.

Yet for a group there is a struggle that rages on without much attention we are left to fend for ourselves. With those with the knowledge making it a premium for those that do not have it. Through observation and experience, we realised something that was severely lacking: Knowledge and understanding of textured hair for people of melanin complexion. To be purposeful with our intention to enter the market of hair products, we identified the people of black/melanin backgrounds as our target audience. Furthermore we are interested in those that intend to grow their hair naturally, including those that grow locs.

What we observed and once again, through experience, is that itchy hair is a common struggle, hair breakage is a constant nightmare and dandruff is an inevitable effect of the burden of hair. The hair care routines become monotonous, means to an end, until the next time. The knowledge we hold about our own hair is a limiting factor to healthier and more abundant melanin hair, veiled by perceptions such as black hair being hard to care for, maintain and grow naturally.

Que Herba is founded on the principles of identifying, developing and implementing natural ways to eradicate the unnatural courses, inspiring a more wholesome and fulfilled living, advised by nature alone, 100% organic is always the aim for every product created. We pride ourselves with always having our consumers' needs central and always in focus. At this current stage of R & D for the hair product that best suits our target audience, we aim to create a dialogue with our clients that enables us to build a bridge of communication that can be strengthened through staying integrated within the mission and purpose of our organisation: to provide you, the consumer, with 100% organic products that are naturally inspired. Products that accomplish what they set out to achieve and leave our clients feeling more.

More self, more life!

By Leeroy Mabonga


Que Herba

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