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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Perfumes made me so crazy that I used to pick up almost anything that attracted me. One day I was surfing through an online fragrance store and came upon something called 'skin chemistry'. Since then I learnt that fragrances should be chosen according to the skin chemistry. Moreover we should also consider the occasion before wearing a particular scent. The plethora of fragrances in the market makes selection really difficult. So we sometimes end up choosing scents that we have noticed in a friend's closet or liked it when a family member was wearing.

Wearing a fragrance is not like following a fashion. It solely depends on the perfume wearer. The scent that smells great when your friend wears it might not smell the same when you apply it. Your skin chemistry is different and what you need doing is finding a fragrance that will not only define your charm and confidence but also become a personal signature for you.

When shopping for colognes, examine the category of the scent. The floral fragrances contain varieties of flowers like jasmine, roses, valley, lily, etc. A hint of vanilla is often added with these to bring out a pleasant balanced fragrance. If you are planning to go for a starry party or a romantic evening, these kinds of fragrances will produce an aura of elegance and charisma around you.

For office wear or formal parties set aside your citrus perfumes. The citrus fragrance is made composed of a blended scent from a mixture of fruits like tangerine, lime, mandarin and lemon. The refreshing aroma of the citrus perfumes arouses an energising sensation which helps to keep you active and confident.

Choose oriental fragrances for winter evenings. These fragrances are derived from a concoction of resins, spices, balsams, amber and exotic essential oils and aromatic compounds. The second important factor to pay attention to is concentration of the fragrance. The strongest concentration is found in pure perfume and hence it is very expensive; where as the least concentration of scents are found in cologne. Pure perfume lingers in our skin for quite a long time.

By Albert Kedam

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